Thermokarst: Melting Permafrost at Wolverine Lake

Thawing permafrost forms thermokarst at Wolverine Lake

Frontier Scientists joins Jason Dobkowski at his research site on the shores of Wolverine Lake in Alaska’s remote North Slope. He’s studying thermokarst, the destabilized and shifted ground that appears where permafrost fails. Thermokarst on the shore of Wolverine Lake is on the move.
Thawing permafrost forms thermokarst at wolverine lake Alaska

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Photochemistry and Thermokarst

Photochemistry and Thermokarst

Photochemistry & Thermokarst — Permafrost is thawing. As underground ice melts the ancient organic matter frozen in permafrost thaws. At the site of permafrost failures you’ll find thermokarst: destabilized permafrost marked by uneven shifted ground, sinkholes, and even massive land slides. Permafrost contains roughly twice as much carbon as... Read More >