Portrait A Day

“Would you guys mind participating in a photo shoot?” – Photographer Clark James Mishler

Portrait A Day

Photographer Clark James Mishler has been capturing a portrait a day for the last six years. “I’m more than halfway through my decade of making a portrait a day,” he told Frontier Scientists. “Most of my portraits take about 3 minutes or less to make. It actually takes more time to fill out the paperwork to make the portrait. So I’m becoming the master of the 3 minute portrait.”

Mishler said he considers his shots not only from an artistic viewpoint but from an anthropological viewpoint. Clothes, hair styles, architecture, natural environment, weather conditions and cultural perspectives are represented in the shots. Mishler stated “All these kind of environmental factors are going to be very interesting to people– anthropologists and general people– in the future when we are looking back at this time, this place, saying ‘Who were these people?’, ‘What was the weather like on that day?’, ‘What was that corner of Anchorage like on that day and how is it different now?'”

Portrait A Day Clark James Mishler photography captures Alaska

Portrait A Day photographer Clark James Mishler photography captures Alaska

Clark Mishler’s Portrait A Day Project video | Frontier Scientists YouTube

(Portrait A Day Clark James Mishler photography captures Alaska)

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