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Upward Sun River

— The discovery at Upward Sun River is considered to be the first and earliest evidence of human remains in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic of North America. This archaeological site and the residential structure there dating to the Pleistocene contains child cremation remains.

Supporting Material: A Terminal Pleistocene Child Cremation and Residential Structure from Eastern Beringia. By Ben A. Potter, Joel D. Irish, Joshua D. Reuther, Carol Gelvin-Reymiller, Vance T. Holliday. Published 25, February 2011, Science 331, 1058 (2011)

Supporting Material: Upward Sun River Site Frequently Asked Questions | TCC related to the science and heritage of ancient human remains in Interior Alaska, Prepared by Dr. Ben Potter (University of Alaska Fairbanks) and Robert Sattler (Tanana Chiefs Conference)

Upward Sun River
Upward Sun River

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