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The Petroglyphs of Kodiak Island

— Prehistoric rock art decorates Kodiak Island. Ancient depictions of faces, people, and animals pecked into granite bedrock serve as a fascinating glimpse into the Alutiiq peoples’ rich heritage. Explore Native artwork and join the people working to preserve this unique archaeological record in these videos featuring Alutiiq Museum & Archaeological Repository staff.

For thousands of years, Alutiiq people lived in sod houses and hunted sea mammals, relying on special technologies, ancestral knowledge, and spiritual assistance to care for their families. The Cape Alitak petroglyphs are one of the only written records of their way of life. Pecked into Kodiak’s granite bedrock, images of people and animals preserve customs from the Alutiiq past. Museum scientists explain this amazing history in seven short films. We learn about the remarkable environment that surrounds Cape Alitak while hearing the stories its sites reveal.


Rock Art

The Cape Alitak Petroglyphs are a series of short videos which explore Alutiiq heritage through a study of Kodiak Island rock art and archaeology. Produced with support from the National Park Service Shared Beringian Heritage Program and a Tribal Historic Preservation grant, the videos document recent archaeological research on Kodiak rock art.

Collaboratively, the Alutiiq Museum & Archaeological Repository (, FrontierScientists ( and the video production company WonderVisions ( tell these stories.

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