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Arctic Ground Squirrel Research

Every year during hibernation they survive the lowest body temperature of any vertebrate (-2.9°C, below freezing). In Arctic extremes lacking regular day-night rhythms, they sustain regimented schedules with a superpowered internalized clock function. Arctic ground squirrels are extraordinary animals living unusual lives. Gaining insight into these creatures’ many mysteries and developing an understanding of their exacting scheduling skills may help defeat a whole host of human diseases. Join scientists studying the charismatic furball that’s been dubbed the perfect yuppie pet.

The extraordinary life of the Arctic ground squirrel is described by dedicated scientists who study the handsome creatures. In videos The Perfect Yuppie Pet, In the Field, In the Lab, And the Circadian Clock, the scientists reflect on questions about the Arctic ground squirrel and its unusual lifestyle.

Discover what makes these animals so unique by hearing the scientists’ newfound insights. In these videos Professor Loren Buck of University Alaska Anchorage, Professor Brian Barnes of University Alaska Fairbanks, students Cory Williams and Kate Wilsterman, and PolarTREC teacher Alicia Gillean explain their participation in Arctic ground squirrel field studies.

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