Climate Greeting Card

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The pop-up card is a companion to the pop-up book The Adventures of Apun the Arctic Fox. Send this card to friends who love the planet and who want to live in a healthy world.  2018 climate change studies (Fourth National Climate Assessment 2018) clearly indicate the world is heading to a dangerous level of atmospheric carbon dioxide.  Impacts can be mitigated.  Innovations and a little help from everyone can change our climate future.  The inside of the pop-up card has a word cloud of everyday suggestions for you and your loved ones.  Spread the words.

The card design is by Liz O'Connell and illustration is by Kristin Link.

Printed and manufactured in the USA.

Product Description

A 4″ X 6″ pop-up card. A pop-up tree is a delightful surprise when you open the beautifully illustrated card.

Climate Greeting Card

Climate Change needs participation from everybody in order to lessen future warm climate extremes.


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