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The Adventures of Apun the Arctic Fox — Pop-up Book


The Adventures of Apun the Arctic Fox

This first pop-up book from Alaskan artists about the Arctic received a First Place 2018 Award for Children’s Fiction from Alaska Professional Communicators.

The review describes the book:  “This is a delightful book for beginning readers and elementary school age children.  The pop-up phenomenon is attractive for all readers and one will never tire of the reopening the book.  However, the technical attraction would be useless if the text were not worthwhile.  This book uses simple language to instruct about life in the Arctic, how a fox must survive, and competition with other animals for survival; and a satisfactory resolution to a simple but compelling story.  It’s a find book because it does not purport to do more than one thing at once.  Author O’Connell presents a single strand in a narrative that is a good story well told.”

Current Arctic science behind some of the scenes in this book is described by scientists in videos found on www.FrontierScientists.com.

Videos about SEA ICE:

Buoys on Ice, Sea Ice: First and Multiyear, Extremely Thick Ice

Videos about POLAR BEARS:

What makes a polar bear?, Polar Bear swims 400 miles, Hair reveals Polar Bear diet

Videos about SNOWY OWLS:

Bright-eyed fluff-balls, Inupiat and Snowy Owls, Snowy Owl Irruption South


Product Description

The Adventures of Apun the Arctic Fox — Pop-up Book

Apun ventures out of her burrow in April when snow still blankets the Arctic.  This hungry fox explores her ever-changing environment.  What will she encounter?  Will she find food?


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