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Take to your mobile device. Download the free Frontier Scientists app on your iOS or Android. Use the app to explore ongoing science in Alaska and the Arctic, and enrich your Alaskan experience. This field guide brings you short videos and much more about field science in today’s Alaska, translating our website to a more mobile-friendly format.

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Frontier Scientists game app Arctic UAVs:


Ready for a game? Download our mobile game app Arctic UAVs! Have fun and test your skills navigating unmanned aerial vehicles through mission challenges.

Arctic UAVs game app links Special offer – Frontier Scientists Arctic UAVs game app is now free! Download it for your Apple iOS Apple ITunes Apps (free at the link) & Android Google Play Apps (email Laura [at] for a code to use at checkout).

Unmanned aerial vehicles are on the cutting edge of science. Navigate a flying quadcopter during stormy Alaska weather, catch the perfect aerial shot of rare wildlife, and uncover trails through rough sea ice, all in the new mobile app game Arctic UAVs, a game based on real UAV research missions executed by the Alaska Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration (ACUASI) program, part of the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. To explore more, use the game to link to real UAV science online.

Check out a video of level2 play on the Frontier Scientists Youtube channel.


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