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Featuring faces videos broadcast Alaska portraits Portrait by Clark James MishlerPhotographer Clark James Mishler, Anchorage. Photograph by Michael HuffPhotographer Clark James Mishler worked to perfect his portraits in the colorful state of Alaska. “If you want to talk about diversity, Alaska is the best!” Mishler said, “It’s a fabulous mash of cultures and social backgrounds.” Mishler brings you his take on photography in new video ‘Alaska Portraits.’ “I feel very fortunate that my photography has grown up here.”

Featuring faces

Mishler showcases images of Alaska’s Native subsistence lifestyle in new video ‘Wish List Point Hope.’ Point Hope is a rural community in Northwest Alaska. “Before they started bringing lumber up here to build houses, they fashioned everything out of the tundra and whale bones,” Mishler described. His photographs document the annual Unagsiksiksauq (Clan Boat Celebration), Qagruq (Whaling Feast) at Point Hope. “Those kinds of experiences are hard to explain,” Mishler said. To represent experiences, Mishler captures vivid moments in his photographs He predicts “50 years from now they’re going to be even more important.”

fs_tvtiled2016Polar Film Fest

In conjunction with Polar Week 2016, USAPECS– Association of Polar Early Career Scientists– presented the Polar Film Fest. Check out two Frontier Scientists video selections featured in the festival, and view many more polar themed films online.

In featured video ‘Standing on the Beaufort Sea‘ scientists Andy Mahoney and Jeremy Kasper extract sea ice cores from the Arctic ice pack. Fast-changing sea ice composition, salinity, thickness and extent help define conditions for the Arctic, and for global climate.

In featured video ‘Perfect Yuppie Pet‘ professor Loren Buck shares Arctic Ground Squirrel science. These extraordinary critters survive a body temperature below freezing during hibernation, the lowest body temperature of any vertebrate. Gaining insight into their lives may help defeat a whole host of human diseases.

New Frontier Scientists TV

Episodes of FRONTIER SCIENTISTS will be available on Alaska Public Media KAKM–TV. Engage in the Arctic’s newest discoveries with Frontier Scientists. New episodes will air on Sundays at 4:30pm beginning October 2nd, 2016. Alaska Public Media delivers TV content in the state of Alaksa via KAKM-TV in Southcentral Alaska, KTOO in Juneau, and KYUK in Bethel
2016 Schedule:

Oct. 02 Arctic Grayling
Oct. 09 Polar Bears
Oct. 16 Sea Ice
Oct. 23 From Snowscapes to Ice Crystals: The Arctic is White
Oct. 30 Matcharak Lake Archaeology
Nov. 06 Tracking Water, Tracking Carbon
Nov. 13 Alaska Portraits by Clark James Mishler

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