Anchorage event “Bears of the World” 2016

Anchorage event Bears of the World 2016 science conferenceIf you’re in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska visit Frontier Scientists at the International Conference on Bear Research and Management. The International Association for Bear Research and Management promotes conservation of bear species based on science-based best practice. “Bears of the World” 2016 isn’t just for scientists; attend engaging public lectures and outreach events.

Meet FS director Liz O'Connell

Look for Frontier Scientists outside the Dena’ina Center public lectures on bears at 600 W 7th Ave, Downtown Anchorage, 6-9pm June 13, 14, & 15 2016. Elizabeth O’Connell is Frontier Scientists’ project director. She has over 30 years experience in broadcast media, and she crafts Frontier Scientists’ videos, working in Alaska and the Arctic with scientists and naturalists. Her hobbies include birding, telephone pictionary, running downhill and in water, and exploring beautiful Alaska’s trails.

Frontier Scientists is showing off our Grizzly Pop-Up, a 5.5” x 8.5” card designed and illustrated by artist Susan Joy Share This card grabs a reaction! Purchase it at our table. Frontier Scientists videos feature grizzly bear research in Alaska’s National Parks – Susan Joy Share makes trailblazing art using techniques from hand bookbinding to painting, sewing, collage, and stagework. Her art employs play, ritual and humor. Interactive and performed displays, often puppet-like, surprise the viewer with their unexpected unfoldings. Come check out her crafted grizzly bear’s mighty roar!

“Bears of the World” 2016 International Association for Bear Research & Management Conference

Free Engaging Public Lectures on Bears 7:00pm-9:00pm (Monday June 13) (Tuesday June 14) (Wednesday June 15)

June 13 – 7:00pm Third Floor, Dena’ina Center
“The Black Bear Knows Way More than You Do: Koyukon Indian Teachings about the Natural World” Richard Nelson: Cultural anthropologist

June 13 – 8:00pm Third Floor, Dena’ina Center
“From Bears to People, Connecting the Dots on Climate Change” Steve Amstrup: Chief scientist, Polar Bears International

June 14 – 7:00pm Second Floor, Dena’ina Center
“Beyond the Bear: How I Learned to Live and Love Again After Being Blinded by a Bear” Dan Bigley: Survivor of bear attack and author

June 14 – 8:00pm Second Floor, Dena’ina Center
“Bear Attacks in Alaska: 35 Years Worth of Incidents and Insights” John Hechtel: Retired bear biologist

June 15 – 7:00pm Second Floor, Dena’ina Center
“The Four Least Known Bears of the World: What Have We Learned to Help Save Them?” Dave Garshelis: Wildlife research scientist, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

June 15 – 7:40pm Second Floor, Dena’ina Center
“The Comprehensive Approach by World Wildlife Fund to Tackle the Top Challenge of Wild Panda Protection” Hui Wan: International Panda Bear Researcher

June 15 – 8:20pm Second Floor, Dena’ina Center
“Altered States: Rapid Environmental Change and Fast Food Modify the Behavior of Polar Bears from Alaska’s Southern Beaufort Sea” Todd Atwood: Project Leader, U.S. Geological Survey Polar Bear Research Program

Todd Atwood talks about his polar bear research in Frontier Scientists videos. Watch them online!

Bear Safety Info: Bear Aware Bear Safety Clinic, Bear Spray Demonstration and Training, Electric Fence Setup Demonstration, Kids Bear Country Passport Game, Bear Goods For Sale

Bear Art and Museum Exhibits Anchorage Museum “Near the Bear” exhibit w/admission fee, Parade of Bears – A Public Art Display (Anchorage), International Gallery of Contemporary Art (Anchorage) showcase, Pratt Museum (Homer) “Art and Science of Bears” exhibit w/admission fee

On Wildlife biologists in Alaska’s National Parks share their bear science

Polar Bears
Scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey – Alaska Science Center and with the University of Alaska Anchorage’s Department of Biological Sciences investigate how sea ice habitat changes and hunting strategies impact polar bear reproduction, health and survival. 4 videos.

Grizzly bears in Denali National Park and Preserve are a magnificent sight for any visitor. National Park Service wildlife biologist Patricia Owen helps the park sustain a healthy bear population in a natural environment while promoting safe interactions between bears and people. 6 videos.

Glacier Bay Bears
Join Tania Lewis, wildlife biologist for Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska, as she tracks the park’s magnificent brown bears. 1 video.


Frontier Scientists 2016

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