New website launch updates Frontier Scientists

FrontierScientists app

FRONTIER SCIENTISTS is pleased to announce our new website: brand new website, same URL at

Check it out! We’re providing a much more mobile-friendly site which will perform proper scaling on all computers, phones and tablets, with fresh layout and navigation developed in collaboration with Alpine Internet. We hope you will enjoy the new site’s updated capabilities.

Spotted something unusual? If you have any questions, comments or suggestion please send them our way using the comments section at the end of the page.

“We want to let travelers, teachers, students, aspiring scientists, and anyone else interested in science feel as if they are with scientists as they track grizzlies or take the temperature of permafrost in a borehole” ~ Liz O’Connell, Frontier Scientists director

Visit Frontier Scientists to explore ongoing science in Alaska and the Arctic; enrich your Alaskan experience with short videos. First-person accounts and real-time insights from leading scientists sharing discoveries are chronicled through short videos, web reports and social media feeds.