My Alaska Photo Contest Results

Here are some of the winning photos!

Well done to all those who submitted such stunning work, and congratulations to the prize winners of the My Alaska Photo Contest.

Winners, you are being contacted individually.  Contributors whose photos got the most votes will pick their prizes according to number of votes received.

Some notes on the voting process, in the interest of fairness to all participants:

  1. The contest rules state that the deadline to vote was the end of the day May 9th.  Votes received afterwards have not been counted in vote totals.
  2. To avoid someone “gaming” the system, only one vote per person (or computer system) was allowed. Also, voting was a two step process; the vote then the confirmation of the vote. If a vote was not confirmed, the vote was not counted.

Check back often on Frontier Scientists for other contests, to Ask a Scientist about their work, or view the latest vodcast on cutting edge Alaska field science.

And thank you for sharing YOUR Alaska with such wonderful photos!!