Spectacled Eiders Hideaway

For many years scientists wanted to know where Spectacled Eiders spent their winters. They speculated but could never find them. Finally Margaret Peterson did; a satellite tag signal got her out to the Bering Sea. There they found not just one but……

Spectacled Eiders, Frontier Scientists first bird story is a unique one. Scientist, Margaret Peterson was determined to find out where the Spectacled Eiders migrated to during the winter months. Peterson used satellite technology early on to try to track the Eiders. Unfortunately the battery life on the transmitters wasn’t that long in the 1990’s, about 4-6 months. But finally, one transmitter beeped out a signal that they were able to follow. And to their surprise…, well, watch the video.

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{originally published Feb 14, 2012 @ 21:00}

Project Summary

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