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Patrick Saltonstall

Curator, Alutiiq Museum & Archaeological Repository


About Patrick


Since his childhood in Maine, Patrick Saltonstall has been fascinated with archaeology.  He participated in his first excavation at the age of 7 and has been digging since.   Saltonstall studied anthropology, earning a BA in Anthropology from Harvard University and a Master degree from the University of Wisconsin.

He joined the staff of the Alutiiq Museum in 1996 to care for collections, lead field research and assist the public in understanding Kodiak’s past.  As the museum’s curator, Patrick has led numerous archaeological projects, including a comprehensive survey of Kodiak’s major salmon streams.  He is particularly known for excavating entire prehistoric houses, involving students and volunteers in archaeological documentation, and sharing prehistory with the public.


Saltonstall combines his love of the past with a passion for the outdoors.  He is an avid sportsman who enjoys camping, skiing, hunting, and fishing with his wife Zoya and their two children.  He is a talented photographer and maintains a blog chronicling his Kodiak adventures.

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