Weather In Alaska

Hi-Resolution Modeling, Mountain Waves, Alaska Weather Symposium are a few of the topics covered about weather at the top of the world.

[ video ] What’s A Mountain Wave?
[ video ] High Resolution Weather Modeling
[ video ] About Don Morton

The Arctic videographer’s wildest card: the weather (Liz O’Connell) Weather
One Mean Dance Partner: How Mother Nature Twirls the Sport of Dog Mushing (Kristin Knight Pace) Weather
Alaska bucks the global temperature trend (Ned Rozell) Climate Change, Weather
Alaska in the 2013 Arctic turmoil (Laura Nielsen) Climate Change, Weather
Dramatic report card for the Arctic in 2012 (Ned Rozell) Climate Change, Weather
Under pressure: Arctic trends sparking extreme weather at large (Laura Nielsen) Climate Change
Extreme Weather, Extreme Christmas Tree (Liz O’Connell) Climate Change
Burned Alaska may cause more burned Alaska (Ned Rozell) Wildfires, Weather

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