Mount Redoubt sounds off

Redoubt volcano plume

Laura Nielsen for Frontier Scientists – Volcanoes are an awe-inspiring and hazardous part of our planet. And now, they’re being made to sing. Scientists are turning seismic data into audio data in order to grasp just what’s going on deep in the Earth’s crust, and better forecast future explosive eruptions. Redoubt 2009 In Alaska, the March […]

Monitoring volcanic activity at Mount Cleveland

Cleveland Volcano air 2012

Laura Nielsen for Frontier Scientists – On Saturday May 4th the Alaska Volcano Observatory detected a series of low-level explosions at Cleveland volcano. Three discrete explosions occurred at 5:00 am, 9:17 am, and 11:44 am Saturday, while subsequent less powerful rumbles on Sunday denoted an ongoing low-level eruption. The sequence of eruptions emitted ash, gas, […]

Journey into the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes

Hikers trek the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes on the Alaska Peninsula, walking on a sheet of ash and volcanic rock more than 500-feet-thick. Photo by Ned Rozell.

Ned Rozell for UAFGI – One hundred years after the largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century, the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes is still a moonscape of ash and volcanic rock, without a tree or shrub in sight. The valley, located on the Alaska Peninsula where the Aleutians hook on to mainland Alaska, is […]


Photo: Image courtesy of the AVO/UAF-GI: SEM image of an ash particle erupted by Redoubt volcano on March 22, 2009. by Pavel Izbekov on March 23, 2009: The image was acquired by Pavel Izbekov and Jill Shipman using ISI-50 Scanning Electron Microscope at the Advanced Instrumentation Laboratory, University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Liz O’Connell for Frontier Scientists – Roughly translated and abbreviated; ASH? WHAT ASH?  *#/! ASH!, was the conversation between the Anchorage control tower and the KLM pilot who had the misfortune of flying through a volcanic ash cloud on a December morning in 1989.  It was dark, as it is most December mornings in Alaskan […]

Eruptions and the human eye

{Photo: Discovery News and NOAA: West Mata Volcano vent, eruption}

Laura Nielsen for Frontier Scientists – At current (Aug 01, 2011), the Alaska Volcano Observatory’s website status report has an advisory listed for Mount Cleveland: “A weak thermal anomaly was observed in satellite images of Cleveland over the past day… Short-lived explosions with ash clouds that could exceed 20,000 ft above sea level can occur […]